Hi my name is Brunhilde and  my most popular hobbies are knitting, crocheting and sewing, too . My favourite occupation as a child was to do handicrafts and to design outfits for dolls, first for my own und later for my daughter´s dolls.     And now, I discovered the fashion dolls !

I´ve got a lot of fan to create new things for the small and fascinated imitations of humans  !

 My lovies are Aicha, Hannah, Monica, Sarah, Sissa, Nastasja and Draven - Repaints by Krissi:   www.krissis-dreamdolls.de/  

This site is constantly offering new models !

New Size : Revlon 13"


Any fashion / outfit on this page is available in each size, but especially in:

16" Tonner Girls  - 16" Tonner Men  - 16" AvantGuard
16" Antoinette / Cami - 16" Ellowyne -  11" Fashion Royalty  - Delilah - Sybarite  

All other sizes on request.


Please,  specify your wishes and email me:  herkules53@online.de     




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